Maddy and Caleb have been dating since the eighth grade. Growing up together makes for a really strong foundation, which is exactly what is Maddy's favorite thing about their relationship. She says, "We went through all of the "young-adult" milestones together. We have very similar personalities and he compliments what I lack. He brings out the realistic side of my dreams and keeps me grounded while I keep him dreaming. Above everything else, we are best friends first and it has given us the strong bond that can't be broken." 

 On an fall afternoon this sweet couple went to a photoshoot. When they walked to the main area of the park, Caleb surprised Maddy with a proposal using a ring with her beloved grandmother's diamond. 

Maddy and Caleb are doing a destination wedding in Florida with their closest family and friends.  Check out their engagement photos below.

Photos // Abigail Saalfrank Photography

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