Surprise Proposal At Tinker House Events | Michi + Justin | Heather Sherrill Photography

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When Heather with Heather Sherrill Photography submitted this exciting proposal, we were IN! We love hearing about how grooms-to-be can pull off the sweetest surprises and this surprise proposal at Tinker House Events was no exception. We reached out to Heather(photographer) and Justin(groom-to-be) to get all the deets!
Justin and Michi met through Hinge, a relationship app. They found love in each other and began their adventure.
The photos that were displayed were images from their first seven dates, adventures and a highlight reel of their travels together.
If you’re like me, you might be wondering “How did he get her to this cool place without giving anything away?”
Justin said, “Once I came up with my proposal idea and coordinated the details with Tinker House, I started talking to Michelle about planning a welcome home party for my best friend who is currently deployed. Over the course of the few months leading up to the date of the proposal, I casually mentioned a few venues we needed to check out for the party, Tinker House being at the top of the list. A few days before the proposal, I mentioned to Michelle that I had an appointment with Brian at Tinker House Events to check out their space and discuss the welcome home party. We had a dinner date planned for that night so I asked her to join me to help ask questions and check out the space prior to our dinner reservation. Little did she know Brian Willsey (Owner of Tinker House) & Heather (Heather Sherrill Photography) were in on the surprise. Brian and I acted as if we were just meeting for the first time and Heather was set up doing some ‘marketing work’ for Tinker House capturing shots of their products. As we browsed the space and asked questions, I led her to the corner of the room where I had planned to propose.”
The Photographer says

“This surprise wedding proposal had so many people coordinating to pull it off!  From sisters decorating to venue to photographers!!!  Justin really wanted his love Michi to be surprised and so loved!”

– Heather Sherrill, Heather Sherrill Photography
Participating Vendors:
Wedding Photography: Heather Sherrill Photography // Location: Tinker House Events
Wedding Photography: Heather Sherrill Photography // Location: Tinker House Events

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